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I thought communication was hard with emailing when it first started.   I still think so. lol

That’s why we invented smiles and winks… to convey what we are really trying to say.  You can write something and it can be taken in many different ways.  Now we have email, texting, blogging, facebooking….. not human interaction.  The art of communication is being degraded every day.  Spelling, short cuts and short forms, context.  People would rather text, and add that smiley than actually speak to another individual.  And you shorten the words so that you can fit more, faster.  Fast food society.  You say something you wouldn’t say to their face, and add a smiley so that it softens your words and implies you are kidding around.

It’s so easy to misinterpret any given message.   In fact, if you type the word misinterpretation into Google – it gives you leads on emails, texts, messages.  Even Google agrees!

There is nothing like an evening with friends, or a really good, long, deep chat with a friend.  You can see their emotions, feel their words, share ideas.  You know they are laughing… they don’t have to say lol.  And now, even in daily life, in the oral use of language I hear people say OMG instead of Oh MY God.  And lmao.  Why do you have to say that?  If you are in front of me I can see you are NOT laughing your butt off!  It’s so easy to quickly whip off a word or two when you are busy – but on the other end of the line there is a person getting your message and thinking – why are they mad at me?  Ha ha ha.  Or you post a question mark instead of writing out what you really want to know and the wrong impression is given, the wrong answer provided.  Then you have to start over.  Are we really saving time?  Even snail mail is better than this electronic, cold method of *talking*.

Since the beginning of time the English language has transitioned many times.  We have slang in our dictionaries now, as if they were proper words.  Take, for instance, the word ‘ain’t’.  Ain’t ain’t a word…but it’s in the new dictionaries.  How are they going to keep up with all the text talk that’s coming up?  Are we going to see lol and lmao and wtf and omg in the dictionary one day?  A service provided for people who don’t use the net and don’t text, so they can figure out what’s going on?   Ha ha.  It’s so much faster to type nm, than to thumb and finger your phone keys and type never mind.  Unless the receiver does not know “text talk”.  Then you have to begin again, and type it all out.  Is it good for us?  I think not.  It’s almost disrespectful to the art of words.

Perhaps it’s because I’ve always been a reader that I notice and care.  I see typos all the time… even in paid for books.  And do you know why?  Because it’s easier to use spell check than to really look at what you’re (not your)  editing!  And spell check doesn’t notice that the word you have used is wrong, because it is a word… and in the right context, it’s a correct word.  But if you say I’m going over their…. it won’t catch that.  So many times I see your this or that..when what they mean is you’re.  And then, instead of than.  It’s easy for me to catch these because English is my first language and I do read a lot.  I do crosswords.  I know that not everyone does.  So common mistakes, I understand, but destroying the whole (not hole) art of language is distressing to me.