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Just woke up, tears streaming…sobbing, can’t breath.  Woke me up I was crying so loud, and hick-up-ing.

Pillows are soaked..not just one.  Water in my ears.  lol  God, that just made me cry again.

A bad dream again…. why.  I think I’m ok.   I feel ok, why nightmares now?

I feel heart broken.  I’m awake and still can’t stop crying.  I’m bawling like someone died.

I’ve always had this…nightmares every night…. Why won’t it stop.

This last year………I’ve woken up laughing, or giggling….. I would rather that.

When you wake up from giggling your eyes aren’t swollen.


Where do you go when the rain starts falling?

Where do you go when the water starts falling?

Chills start running down my spine,

Sorrow takes over my heart.

I cant begin to thing how this world started to come undone.

I see all these empty faces and broken hearts,

For peace has lost it’s place.

Strung out on confusion,

Trapped inside a roll of disillusions,

All the secrets collecting dust but never rusting.

Is it that misery was made beautiful right before our eyes?


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A SAFER PLACE – by Chantal Murphy, Ontario.

In a child’s world…life can be a nightmare,
A daydream turned bad, a sunshower without a rainbow.
A child’s mind creates a safer place to dwell
Where anger and pain do not hide and tears do not fall.
Picture, if you can, the world inside where every song is a magic spell;
Falling stars are answered prayers; Raindrops are a fairy kiss and every horse is a unicorn.
It’s not too late for you…close your eyes in times of pain and look for the magic path inside.
If your soul is pure, you too will find the safer place of a child inside your mind.