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My Own Higher Power.
Because my first experience of a *higher power* was my parents…in my abusive family, I quickly learned that my higher power was not safe, that *it* loved me conditionally…and that I would be punished or abandoned if I made mistakes.  No wonder I may have felt hopelessness and confusion.  I may have firmly believed that no one was going to be there for me, no one.
As an adult in recovery, I can create my own higher power…I can choose what or who to believe in, and fill my mind and soul with the missing attributes that were required as a child.  I know I deserve to be alive, and a loving force will support my choices in this life.  My own higher power can be nurturing, caring and safe for me.

I am soooo Worth-ful.
Unconditional love and acceptance-this makes us feel worth-ful.  When you are loved and accepted just because you are in the universe – simply just for being.  I am born with worth, and no one can take that away from me – not ever!! Many have tried.
When I can connect in my soul with a power greater than myself or with any other human, I am learning that I am a miracle of creation — full of worth, and love, and even talents.
Because as a child I was abused, I need to re-affirm to myself every day that I have worth — just because I am.  I can do this in any creative way I choose.
“No less than the trees and the stars I have a right to be here.” ~Desiderata