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Who Will Touch Me.
As a child I had no rights – where my body was concerned.  I was subjected to indiscriminate, inappropriate touching by adult(s) that did not feel right, good or nurturing to me.  I was obligated to endure those uneasy and scary feelings as a child.
In my recovery I am learning to set boundaries and I realize that I have a right to determine by whom and how I will be touched.  Depending on how I feel, I can say “no” or “yes” to others who want to touch me.  It is my choice.  I listen the “inner-radar” that tells me – when I listen – if touching is OK.  My inner voice, along with my adult skills, helps me to learn who the safe people are.
I can seek out a *safe* person and ask for a hug or a pat on the back and simply note how it feels.  I can also remember that I have the right to decline being touched in any way, by others, and that I can tell them precisely how I want to be touched.

In my process of recovery and healing, I m
ight go through periods of time when I feel hopeless and overwhelmed.  These are the times that I need to reach out for and accept all the help that I can get.  I might not always like the form the help may take, but if it helps me stay alive and does not hurt me, then I need to accept it as a part of my healing process.
There may be times when I would simply rather give up than have to accept help, once again.  Every time that I go on, despite my strong doubts and misgivings, I am honoring and affirming my absolute right to live a happy and free life.
When I feel overwhelmed and frightened, I can look for the help that my Higher Power is giving to me and can accept it with as much gratitude as I can.