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Does anyone remember the Climax Blues Band?  I love you?  Or 10CC The Things We Do For Love.  lol Cyndi Lauper…Time After Time.

Or newer stuff… Coldplay, What If.  Christina Aguilera – Hurt.  Colin Raye – Love Me…. such good music for blue moods….for love felt, or lost, or wanted.  Blue Rodeo, Crowded House… I could go on and on. lol

There’s so much wonderful music out there.  I have over 200 Gigs of it and still I’m downloading…. there’s just not enough storage space for music.  It’s gotten me through every situation in my life.  Good or bad.  Every song reminds me of something…someone…some time or event.  What would  I have done without music in my life.

I remember as a child listening to the radio.   Magic Power – Triumph.  It got me through everything… and my mother asking me – *what are you doing?*… I said *listening to music*.  She then proceeded to tell me that you can’t just lay there and listen to music.  lol  How wrong could she be?  This from a woman that blasted the tunes all the time.  Knock on Wood still makes me think of her.  I grew up hearing David Bowie, Black Sabbath, Beatles, Queen, Fleetwood Mac…all at full volume… doing chores and hearing music.

My Rainbow S from Kelly Krogman. :)
My Rainbow S from Kelly Krogman. 🙂

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I’ve come to a place in my life…it’s called content.

I’m happy with things… I’m ok with what comes next, if anything.  I’m happy with status quo.  I’m ok.  Whatever comes, I will handle, whatever is gone…I can enjoy the memory.  I’m starting to get that spark back in my soul.  I’m being creative and loving my days.  I actually applied for a job I think I’ll love… and that’s been along time – aside from painting and photography…. but they aren’t full time, predictable money creating jobs.  And I’m ok if it doesn’t happen.  I’m quite simply ok.  I’m happy in my soul.

I’m calm.  Everything in my life has taught me something.  Everything and everyone – they’ve all mattered.  But as in birth and death we are all alone…. it’s not the same as being lonely.  I’m not lonely.  I’m strong, independent and really quite pleased.  So many things make me smile…simple, down to earth things.

I woke up today to a thunderstorm.  I love that.  I woke up late because of it.  I sleep well with storms.  And there was no reason to be upset that I was late, because I wasn’t late for anything.   I’m enjoying every minute.

Hello life…. I’m here.

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I hold life in my hands
look in the face of death
and understand what they tell me
hope leaves a void behind
and the shattered pieces
of what once was
will never become whole again
empty spaces in my heart
will stay empty
not meant to be filled again
I can feel the purity of the flame
I live its life
am one with Flame
then everything becomes calm
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Some days, some times…. just like that.

Choices, decisions… sometimes too many.  Like chocolate bars or potato chips in a store.  Used to be so simple.  Now it’s a ten minute ordeal to choose one.  Like choices – you get older and they get tougher.

You know what’s right…. and you know what’s wrong.  Your head says one thing, your heart another.

To make a choice…so final – no take backs.  Not in this game.  Can’t undo, unsay, unbe a choice.  Not like in hopscotch, or tag, or hide and go seek…. You have to be sure… because the topics are more serious…although… as a kid we thought the choices we had to make were pretty serious, too.