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I Am Very Creative.
I may sometimes look at people and wonder at – maybe even envy – their creativity.  I can see and appreciate the special life force within these people that allows them to express themselves so creatively and share their wonderful gifts with others.
I am only seeing creativity in other people, then I am surely missing the creativity that is in everyone – including myself.  I have only to take note of how creative I was as a very small child in surviving and even flourishing during extremely horrendous, frightening experiences.  Somehow that small creative spirit invented thoughts and fantasies that helped her to stay alive and to reach for help.  I should take time to notice my inherent creativity as it was expressed through me as a child, and to be grateful to myself for that gift.  I can also start to look within myself to see how I already express my creativity today.  What I envy in others is within myself – maybe just in another form.

I Have a Right to Be Heard.
Because of my abuse, I quickly learned that I had no rights, especially any concerning being heard or recognized.  As a small child I needed to be heard by my caregivers and I although I tried, sometimes quite creatively to somehow get their attention, I may have sacrificed my own safety in an attempt to be heard. Those appeals fell on deaf ears.  I might have decided that I did not deserve to have my words, wishes, requests honored, and even carried this belief into my adult relationships – with myself and others.
I know that I had every right to have my simple requests heard and honored – even if it meant being told no.  I know that I did deserve to be recognized and heard simply because I existed.
I can affirm my inner-child’s need to have her requests heard by giving them voice through my adult-self.  I can tell other people what I need and know that those requests deserve to be honored.  If those people choose not to hear or honor my requests, I know that this is their choice and it has nothing to do with my inherent worth or rights.