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that is how i feel
i feel broken, empty and terribly alone
i don’t care
my body and i are not one
the tears come
i can’t stop them anymore
the lonliness is too much to bare
alone that is me
kill me now and set me free
let me live and love me

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I Am Starting to Believe.
If I look back on all the positive and negative events in my life I can start to see that there was another hand at work in them.  The times I felt that my world would end, it didn’t.  Times I felt that I had no more strength or will left, I did.  Times I felt that there was no one there, someone appeared.
I am coming to believe that, I had no control over these events; that there was a force much greater than just me at work in my life.  I am becoming more willing to believe in a Higher Power at work in the universe.  My inner-child may need to express her feelings about all this directly to that Power, since she has always felt so alone and unsupported.  She can even be angry with this Higher Power.  This is how she will receive healing and learn to trust.