Sanctuary and Serenity


These are tools used to release or deal with anger.

It won’t eat you alive…you will live through it and it will end.  Just feel it.  Don’t be scared.

It helps to heal – feeling is important!!

A lot of these come from Angela Jackson’s book – Celebrating Anger. 🙂

Rage Letter

Three Second Scream


Anger Quote

Coping With Anger

Give Yourself a Hug

Anger Scripts

Instant Slogans

You Are Not Your Feelings

Do Something Different

Notice Your Feelings

Centering Breath


Forgive and Forget

Be A C Student

Be Limitless


Difficult People

Beat The Pillow or Bat The Bed

Find Something Nice

Abolish the Word *Should*

Anger *Attacks*

Medicines that May Cause Depression

Cycle of Violence

Understanding Stress

Anger Management

Checklist for Hidden Anger

Listen to Your Body

Instant Intervention Activities

Hip Hip Hooray – I’ve Made a Mis-Take!

Set Goals




Punching Bag or Blow Up Figure

Breathe Deeply

Signs of Unhealthy Boundaries

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