Sanctuary and Serenity

The Path

The following entries are from a book I once had – called On The Path – by Nancy W.  It was a 12-step group.  S. of I.

I hope they give you as much comfort as they did me when I first discovered them, and indeed, as they do today.

The World

The Warrior

Sexual Inactivity

Flattering Clothing


My Own Higher Power




Starting To Believe

Loving My Inner Child



Right Now

Nonsexual Relationships

The Whole Truth

Valid and Ok

The Right To Feel Angry

My Need To Trust

I Am Perfect Just As I Am

Loving Guides

I Was Born Precious

I Have a Right To Be Heard


Responses of my Body

I Am So Worth-ful

Support As I Grieve

The Right To Grieve


Taking Back My Power

Survivor Behaviours


Trust My Memories


I Am Not Alone

That is NOT Who That Child Was

Shame and Intimacy

On The Path – Lee Mosby – Not from the book!  🙂


Right To Tell


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