Sanctuary and Serenity

Rune Cast for S and S

Rune cast created by Phoenix…

Interpretations by Teannia!!

Aligiz – Swan
Signifies Protection from danger.
Resist Temptation New Beginnings are possible.
A link is formed with higher self, perhaps bringing clairvoyance and increased intelligence.
Colour: Silver-Blue & Gold
Tarot Card: Moon
Astrology: Cancer
Protection of Divinity, Ethics and Values
Nauthiz – Nyd – Need – Necessity
A lesson of patience
Passing through a difficult learning situation
Think twice – it will not go well if you try to push something
Colour: Black
Tarot Card: Devil
Astrology: Capricorn
Check Out Situations Where Your Needs Are Not Being Met
Teiwaz, Tyr, God of Water
Courage and Energy
The power to weave the pattern of your own life
Colour: Crimson, Bright Red
Tarot Card: Justice
Astrology: Libra
Justice, Winning Battles, Mental and Emotional Order and Faith
I wonder if that final rune in that sequence is actually 2 runes together…would make sense since I don’t have anything that even remotely looks like that.
Your pics of runes don’t have a pic of that particular rune either.
If it is 2 runes placed together then it would be the runes Sowelu and Ur…I shall post those translations.
Sowelu, Sol, Sun, Success
Rune of good health and happiness, wholeness, Clarity, Enlightenment and Success
Colour: Golden-White, Silver-White
Tarot Card: Sun
Astrology: Sun
Success and Healing on the physical plane. A rune of Self-Orientation and guidance toward the light.
Uraz – Ur
Symbolizes strong executive ability
To shape a positive out-come
Iron determination, Will-power and good fortune
Colour: Dark Green & Brown
Tarot Card: High Priestess
Astrology: Taurus
Creative Power, Wisdom and knowledge

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