Sanctuary and Serenity

Poetry – from Original S and S’ers. :)

Castle Poetry

This page is filled with some of the most loving poetry I’ve ever been fortunate to read.

When we had S and S before, we had an area called the Castle…and members would submit poetry they wrote for certain rooms.  We had all the rooms a  castle has.  It was a relaxing, loving castle with room to grow and experiment.  If you feel you have something to add, please just message it to me…. I would love to read it and post it. 😉

I visit the castle…~ Merry Max

Little Girls…Little Boys…~ Merry Max

The Darkness ~ Little Dove

Smile ~ Dntd Knight

Dance the Dark Storm ~ Serenity

Dreams ~ McKane

Father ~ Damsel

For Judy ~ Tavitajoy

The Night ~ Serenity’s Daughter

Anniversary ~ Raebo

Welcome ~ Dntd Knight

Welcome Reply ~ Merry Max


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