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Daddy, I love you.

Why can’t you love me?

Everything I do is just for you,

But it is never good enough.

Daddy, do you ever wonder why

I can never seem to hold onto a guy?

I can tell you true that I let them go,

because I fear they will be just like you.

Daddy, do you know that who I am

is what you helped to create?

I am an insecure little girl

looking for love in all the wrong places.

Daddy, I hope you understand

that if you showed me a little more love

instead of the hate…that maybe,

just maybe I can believe in a man.

Daddy, please understand

I love you more than you’ll ever know.

It hurts me so much

that you can’t stand to look at my face.

I love you,

why can’t you love me too?

written by: Elizabeth Mary Barker

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You sold me out to reach your goals
Money, prestige, a comfortable berth
I was left with a head full of holes
And no sense at all of self-worth
When I was struck, you shifted blame
“You must have done something wrong”
Too bad he didn’t treat you the same
We’d know if you were truly strong
You left my brother in his “tender” care
And wonder why he will not call
You justify everything however you dare
I wish I could watch you crawl.
~By Merrymax!

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Nervous cold and hungry

Wanting to continue but knowing I can’t

Wishing it was over,

But glad it has only begun.

For some reason all I wanted to do is drive, drive, and drive.

But I am glad I am not.

Whats wrong with me?

God, I’m so confused.



~Our Child Within ~

A whisper slides around my mind
Wrapping it in unwanted recall
I beg it to leave, instead I find
I’m held in a strong, quiet thrall

“See me, admit me” says the child within
As I try to turn away
“You’ll never know peace ’til you let me win
‘Til I guide you to a new way”

A demand rises up, the voice becomes loud
“Forgive me” she screams in my ear
“Learn to cherish, learn to be proud
Of my strength in the face of our fear”

“Without my fight, where would you be?
Without my pain, what would you know?
The past is gone, you no longer must flee
Embrace me and find wonders to show
~By Merrymax’s Child-within!

He Stepped on Me

He stepped on me
It wasn’t his intention
But it sent me to a place
To scary to even mention
My guard was up
How did he get beyond it?
The constant babble of
The other passenger, the
Bumpy road, the pain caused
By the boot?

My foot received the blow
My heart felt the pain
I’ve heard it said – 2 places
At once – Impossible!
Not true! I’m there

My heart received the blow
By a foot other than his


Glassy Skin

Broken picture, broken glass on the floor then
in my hand
Smooth , sharp piercing yet painless to
on my skin
Can’t see the picture left in the frame
Only see the one playing in my brain
Detached feelings, shattered thoughts in my head then
around my feet
Blemished, shameful dark pain beyond imagination
in my mind
The glass shattered my sense of reality
Buried beneath the nothingness


The Soapbox Speech
Here I stand on my soapbox, ready to spew and spout.
There’s a problem with the human race, that I want to speak about.
They portray “A look, a trend, a fashion” as something beautiful.
They disregard the soul of a person, and that is pitiful.
Beauty consists of many things not just a “pretty face”.
Like kindness, sincerity, and trust; qualities you can’t replace.
A touch, a smell, and a smile make a person so valuable.
Not any of that cosmetic silicone junk that makes your body malleable.
Tenderness of heart, and purity of soul.  Things a beautiful person contains.
Not vanity, fame, or glamour as the advertiser claims.
Beauty comes in many shapes, colors, and sizes.
But if you aren’t a “perfect ten!” Why is you that society despises?
What is the world coming to where people are so vain?
Don’t they realize that in ignorance, they are causing soo much pain?
Here I stand shaking my finger at the people who are so blind.
Beauty is everywhere, in every person, just open your dumb mind.
Beauty is the creation of a child.
Beauty is staring at the creatures of the wild.
Beauty is in every place.
Beauty is in every face.
Beauty is found in every body part.
Beauty is found by those with a HEART.
DntdKnight steps down off his soapbox with tears in his eyes….



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