Sanctuary and Serenity

Pit Bulls.

Posted on: May 15, 2010

Ok, I’m an animal lover.  I think that they are spectacular.  Just like having all the different races, religions, sects… everyone, all of us.  We, together make life wonderful – every living being has it’s place.  I used to say that I didn’t see color in people.  I loved who I loved without abandon and with my heart for who they were.. but I’ve realized ( a few years ago) that this attitude is just as bad as being racist, sexist, ageist…whatever.  BECAUSE… lol….people from different places, and beliefs bring something wonderful to the table.  I love it.  I love everything I learn about different cultures and people and languages.  Saying that I don’t see color is like negating them.  I’m so on a tangent now. lol  K…back to animals… the one thing I cannot support?  Pit Bulls.  I know they have a right to life as everything else does… but people have them and treat them wrong and they bite…but they don’t JUST bite, they can’t let go!!  And children are getting bitten.  I just can’t do it.  When I see them on the street I don’t think…aw…sweet puppy, I get nervous.  I would love to love them and support them, but I have children (grown up now) and I’ve felt the terror of those dogs nearing my child(ren)… and these dogs terrify me.  I think Rottwiellers have the same effect on me…but only because one bit me.  I love dogs.. really, I do.  I remember years ago, German Sheppards had the same label.  They were fierce..but we don’t hear that now.  Maybe it will be the same with pitbulls…but for now?  I agree they should be banned.  I think that sometimes, animals are animals.. they do what they know and it’s inherent.

Ok, I’m done. lol – no, no I’m not. lol

Should muzzles be enforced on all dogs when they are outside?  They have to put muzzles on Pits in Toronto already.  I feel so bad for them, though… they’re animals… they should be free and yet humans put contraptions on their faces.. can’t make going for a walk much fun.

And I agree – even from the owner’s point of view – they should all wear them.  When people would ask if they could pet my dog I would say no… she was very friendly, but she was a dog.  And dog’s bite.  lol  You never know when or why – what sets them off.  So why chance it?  Your dog is put down if it bites someone…

But that aside…. when they are at home – if there are children… and especially children with faces that are level with a dog’s face… if a dog chooses to bite them – the child will squeal, or scream…and now they’ve become a squeaky toy… and prey… and if it’s a pit – they can’t let go if they even want to – and you can’t make them.

They just plain scare me.  I saw one once on a talk show…the owner was dangling it off a branch… it bit the branch and couldn’t let go. Shudder.

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