Sanctuary and Serenity

Rally and March on McGuinty Gov!

Posted on: April 15, 2010

The march was fantastic!

John Clarke spoke at the initial rally – what a speaker!!!  He’s amazing.  Full of piss and vinegar and really gets a crowd involved!  He makes sense and he is passionate.

Then the march – we shut down Carlton and Yonge, then Bay.  They had their offices on lockdown before we arrived having been informed by early arrivers that there was trouble for them on it’s way. 🙂  We figure we should have brought them diapers. lol

A little write up by 680 news…click here!!

Picture 020 April 15 John Clarke
Picture 122 April 15 Banners
Picture 122 April 15 Banners
Picture 128 April 15 OPSEU
Picture 128 April 15 OPSEU

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