Sanctuary and Serenity

What is This Feeling? – Elizabeth Mary Barker

Posted on: April 4, 2010

What is This Feeling?

When I am with you I can’t help but to smile.

When we are apart, I am not alone

cause I have your smile in my mind.

When I am with you no one else is around,

not even if we are in a crowded room.

When we are apart, I’m never alone

’cause the sparkle in your eyes

when you look at me is always on my mind.

When I am with you I feel warm all over.

When we are apart,

everything smells as sweet as your perfume.

When we are together everything seemsto go right.

When we are apart I find myself saying your name

over and over in my mind like a song.

What are these feelings I have for you?

I have never felt like this.

Is this what everyone is talking about?

Could I (you know me) be in love?

Written by: Elizabeth Mary Barker


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