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Wave In. Wave Out. – Dntd Knight

Posted on: April 4, 2010

~Wave In.  Wave Out.~

Wave Of  Emotions

As I lay here on the beach with soft sand under my body, and a cool breeze blowing across my face;
I can’t help but think about the types of emotions that plague the human race.
When I close my eyes I reflect on these thoughts and listen to the waves.
It is then that I have solved the mystery, the answer that everyone craves.

With my eyes closed and my ears open I start to taste the salt from the air that’s about.
It reminds me of all the death in the world that leaves a bad taste in the mouth.  What would happen if I just spit those feelings out?
I hear the waves come in and go out.
My feelings of sadness from thinking of death comes in, then quickly goes out.

I move on to happiness, and start to smile.
It’s so peaceful right now, there’s no-one present for at least a mile.
I think of my God, family members, friends, and of all the natural surroundings.
Further out in the ocean the waves are peaceful, calm, these waves get me smiling.

I hold onto this image with a smile plastered on my face.
If we all could go out to that particular wave, the world would be a better place.
Wave in.  Wave out.
Happiness In.  Happiness Out.

I next listen to the waves as they crash onto the shore.
They splash down, and as they recede from the land, they scrape against some rocks.
It is an incredible noise that hurts the ears, and makes me feel pity for the rocks.
When one wave recedes another comes in to repeat the process.
This reminds me too much of all the things life can put you through.  As you overcome one obstacle another arises to try and keep your hopes down, and depress.

This emotion is one that reaches into the depths of your very being, and leaves you writhing.
I wonder how many times the wave will hit and drag over the rocks and reduce them to nothing?
Wave in.  Wave out.
Tears in.  Tears out.

As the last tear falls, I again listen for the waves.  Off in the distance I can hear the cry of seagull.  I open my eyes anda see it land on water.  A ripple spreads out.
A ripple? I start to understand this part of the wave.  The ocean helps many creatures survive.
With it’s vast size it can care for the creatures in the sea, or those above.
This too reminds me of an emotion.  The emotion of LOVE.

They say that love is the strongest emotion on the face of the earth.
It is shown by neighborly hospitality, genuine concern, or by even being responsible for a child’s birth.
I experience this emotion and my heart feels like dancing, it’s alive.
The ripple effect of love starts with one, then two, three, four and keeps going past five.

A joyful set of tears bursts out from my eyes.
The waves and the world are no longer a mystery, I now realize.
Wave in.  Wave out.
Love In.  Love out.

So, next time you go to the beach, close your eyes and relax.
Listen to the waves, think things through, you’ll get the knack.
Hopefully, someday others will find this key, unlock the door and go through these motions.
Hopefully, someday others will ride the wave of Emotions.

Wave in.  Wave out.



2 Responses to "Wave In. Wave Out. – Dntd Knight"

wow… wonderful post… rich balance of lines and words…..

outstanding…. learned a lot….

visit mine…& plz plz plz post your comments…..

Thank YOU…

I’ll be in touch….

Hello! Thank you for the terrific compliments – it was written by my very good friend. We call him the Dntd Knight and there’s a lot more of his stuff on here…
Please enjoy your stay and I’ll come visit your site!!!
Thanks for dropping in!

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