Sanctuary and Serenity

To Serenity – Dntd Knight

Posted on: April 4, 2010

This poem is for a special friend.
Whose love for all here never seems to end.
A poem to the person that runs this site.
Bringing with her peace, security, love and light

I personally am glad that she was born.
Without her help, and concern we wouldn’t know the Unicorn.
Un-selfishly she donates her time, energy, concern, and tears.
My heart feels safe, it has less fears.

I am moved to tears when I think of how special she is to us all,
If we are going to stumble, she supports us, our strong wall.
So let’s give applause, hugs, and love to the remover of thorns.
My helmets off to you, SERENITY_UNICORN

We all love you Serenity.



1 Response to "To Serenity – Dntd Knight"

All my love to you as well, My Dear Knight!

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