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The Parts of a Woman – Dntd Knight

Posted on: April 4, 2010

The Parts of a Woman
The Hair of a woman smells fresh, like a fully opened rose.
Whether long or short, it adds to her beauty; which it shows.
It likes to be tousled, teased, and have fingers running through it.
With elegance and style, it gives the woman true merit.
The Eyes of a woman are like a mysterious, winding forest.
You can get lost in them for hours, never tiring; staring at beauty in it’s purest.
They twinkle, they shine, they glare, and they wink.
This part of the women is the most attractive I THINK!
The touch of a woman provides intense pleasure.
With a caress, as delicate as a butterfly’s wing.  OOOOH!  What a treasure!
The hands feel nice when you are holding them on the beach.
Or when in the heat of passion, in the dark the hands do reach…..
The heart of a woman is like a complex puzzle.
But it holds all their secrets, it’s what men should nuzzle.
Remember, Gentlemen!  How fragile and delicate the women are.
Treat them with respect, and dignity, you’ll get more from them by far.
Their heart just wants to be safe, happy, and filled with love.
There is nothing better in this world, then the women WE LOVE!
Since it is women’s month as Teannia says I just wanted to write something for you all.   Love your friend and brother

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