Sanctuary and Serenity

Rotten – Gabbysluck

Posted on: April 4, 2010

by gabbysluck
I feel I’m a spoiled, tainted
shadow-painted piece of fruit,
once fleshy and full of appeal and attractiveness.
No longer able to seduce
the senses,your lips no longer water at my bruised and blemished outer skin, no matter how lush and sweet to taste me would be.
I gain no further use in this world, but to rot alone in the sunlight.  Not to nourish or grow from my incased seeds, but to be discarded and never become a part of another.  My grainy insides to lay forever
plain and useless.
My fate decided, I will become food to the insects, swarming and crawling over me, devouring me thirstfully.
Ending my cycle of growth and decay, my final acceptance,
allowing me to become part of the world.  Sad it took so much rejection in order to show me the light.

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