Sanctuary and Serenity

No Exit From The Death Chamber – Tavitajoy

Posted on: April 4, 2010

No Exit From The Death Chamber
In the dark they creep, they crawl
Kinder than the one who put me here
She digs a whole three feet deep and long
Light and air from the same small source
My only company, six or eight legs
Slime left behind, by them or by her
No one knows about the hole
The secret is in the dark too
Does daddy know I’m in the hole
How come I am still here
She yells at me, blocking the light
I should just die, that would show her
My heart is dead already, what did I do
Brother digs me out before I die
With her screaming and hitting him to be fast
Both must stay a secret or we will die
Next time they get to bite.
Next time there will be no exit.


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