Sanctuary and Serenity

I Have Tried – Zodiac Child

Posted on: April 4, 2010

I have tried, and failed

I have loved, and lost

Please forgive me my dear sweet angels

The sky is falling and the dark cloud are swallowing me.

Where do u go when the rain starts fallin’?

Where do u go when the water starts drowning you?

I have deep secrets that haunt me.

I cant lose all that I have loved

I just can’t bear it

Cancer boils in one heart,

Deep pain in another..

I have spent all this time waiting…….

I have searched endlessly for a break that will make it all ok,

Its hard at the end of each day not to feel good enough.

I want to fly,

Fly away from this endlessness I fear.

Oh my sweet angels pull me from this wreckage,

So I may find some comfort here.

Everywhere I turn I have vultures and thieves on my back,

Why do they hurt me so bad?

I only mean well.



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