Sanctuary and Serenity

Forbidden Love – N/A

Posted on: April 4, 2010

Forbidden Love

My tears flow inward Like Multnomah Falls
My heart splinters under the pressure

Overwhelmed by the tide Of your forbiddence
My ailment is fatal

In the absence of an audience You should know
My love for you is steadfast The adoration, unconditional

Your camaraderie will Never perceive
Without your tender passion
I am bereaved

Burning rage within me My love you defiled
My appearance brings you Diversion
I heard you laugh
To be a size you could love I’d cut myself in half

My heart overflows with woe
As I can not erase my love
With every twinge of pain
I know
I’ll love you through

I’m not quite sure who wrote was on S and S… with Dntd Knight’s writing…. if anyone knows, please let me know!



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