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A Victim’s Strength – Dntd Knight

Posted on: April 4, 2010

A Victim’s Strength

Perhaps you may remember the time when I faced my brother.
When like a slap to the face, the truth he did smother.
So why is it I am bringing it up today?
Because I was hoping there would be no more delay.
I get another invite to talk to him once more.
“PLEASE! PLEASE! Let the truth come out” in my mind I implore.
As smart as I am I still find it so hard to believe.
“This time things will be different!”  Why am I still so NAIVE!
So here we are again, just having a nice old talk.
First in the car, and then as we walk.
“We have to figure out a solution” I say.  “And resolve this once and for all.”
“I would like to admit to it, but I don’t remember any of it at all.”
Here we are going round and round right where we finished.
I had hoped for something different; but that hope had diminished.
“Your not one to make up stories”  he continued at last.
“But I really don’t remember, that part of the past.”
And then there was a pause, and the sound of dead air.
Then I knew I was being stupid.  My brother did not care.
His next statement made we want to scream.
“Are you sure that all wasn’t just some kinda dream?”
Again my feelings of rage and being crushed tried to overtake me.
“You take my soul, and my innocence and you can’t admit you raped me!”
These thoughts want to come out; but it would be of no avail.
My fists want to hit him.  To just flail and flail.
As quick as lightning we had resumed a normal conversation.  I then
realized why it was he really arranged for us to speak.
He was hoping to sway me, make me retract my statement, make me WEAK!
But I won again you son-of-a-B.
You will never, ever again overpower ME!
I am sure that we will this encounter again.
With my sanity intact, and my friends at my back, I will always WIN!
Mark the Dented Knight.

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