Sanctuary and Serenity

Those Eyes – Dntd Knight

Posted on: April 3, 2010

When those eyes stare at me they take me to another place.
They are by far the best feature on the woman’s face.
Filled with intrigue, and desire they are very captivating.
I helplessly look.  What I see is very fascinating.
Sometimes they can express the very depth of a woman’s sadness.
But just hold her, hug, and the eyes will glimmer her gladness.
Like a bed of rose petals they can be sensous, soft and sweet.
A woman’s eyes quite simply, will sweep me off my feet.
Like an on-coming storm they can narrow into pictures of rage.
When this look you get; do not in combat; ENGAGE!
A body part beyond compare.  As limitless as the skies.
It is the incredible, unbelievable, part of a woman.  Her EYES!


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