Sanctuary and Serenity

The Tyrant – Dntd Knight

Posted on: April 3, 2010

The Tyrant

The first week we met you, your were Mr.  Nice.
Before long your true colors came out, your heart was cold as ice.
You hit us without bruising us, by hitting the soft spot on the top of our head.
The first time I saw you hit my MOM I wanted you DEAD.

You came into our lives and brought us such great turmoil.
If to be like you; you wanted me, that plan I did foil.
It is your influence that has helped me shape my life.
I know how to raise my kid, and how to respect my wife.

You made sure to count, measure, and organize the food in the house.
You would wait and see if we had a snack, then trap us like a mouse.
Let’s not stop at just the food, hey here’s an idea.
Let’s have you only take a bath once a week, only 52 times a year.

That way the kids can laugh at us; when teachers tell me to wash my hands.
That ridicule was not enough, there was more that you had planned.
You decided to put us down in belittlement, telling us “you won’t amount to much”.
But here I am finally a man.   Your cold cruelty came close, but my heart it did not touch.

I have so many memories of how evil a man you are.
you have caused pain and suffering, my mind still has the scar.
I remember the day that I stood up to you, and glared right into your eyes.
You got so mad, you couldn’t believe that I would dare defy.

There was that look in your eye the day that you did gloat
when my brother, while you cut his hair, had to hold a knife to his throat.
You tried so many things to beat me down, but they never worked.
My strength, integrity, stubborness, and perseverance I never shirked.

You see you were a tyrant, and I will never forget.
How you and my mom had everything, all we got was neglect.
I have fought you all my life, and always I have been true,
you never beat me down, was that the best that you could do?

I see right through you, and of your facades.
You are nothing but a COWARD, and a lion without claws.
It is your example that has given me due cause,
to do just the opposite, and learn from all your flaws.

I am done now, but I wanted you to know.
Yes you were a tyrant, but I beat you anyhow.


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