Sanctuary and Serenity

The Owl – Dntd Knight

Posted on: April 3, 2010

The Owl

It was a warm summer night out deep in the woods.
I lay in my tent next to my camping goods.
“It’s pretty cozy here with no kid and no wife.”
Just as I try to sleep the forest comes to life.
There’s a chorus of crickets, frogs, and other noises too.
But from somewhere nearby I hear a loud “Who? Who?”
I try counting sheep two by two.
But it’s hard counting sheep when you keep hearing “Who? Who?”
I race to the noise raising quite a commotion.
What’s making the noise? I haven’t a notion.
I stop and I listen for a minute or two.
Alas! I hear it!  “Who? Who?”
I look intently up the tree.
Two big yellow eyes stare down at me.
My laughter starts small but ends in a howl.
“This noise is being made by a silly ole owl”
“Stop Who-ing at me! I need to sleep!”
When I yelled these words I didn’t hear a peep.
As I walked away my smile of victory grew.
It vanished quickly when again I heard “Who? Who?”
In frustration I started to shake the tree.
But un-concerned the owl stared down at me.
“Who gave you the right
to keep me up all night?”
“Who? Who?” was it’s only response.
“Who created you to be such a pest?”
“Who created you to give me no rest?”
“Who? Who?” the owl repeated.
When it again say “Who? Who?” I started to think.
When the answer hit me, the owl gave me a wink.
“If God made the owl go “Who? Who?”
then he made me act stupid too.”
These thoughts crept into my tired head.
“I can blame someone else then go to bed.”
Then without so much as a second thought.
I gave the owl my parting shot.
“Well who is that made me act so lame?”
“Tell me! Tell me! Who’s to blame?”
The owl read my thoughts and knew what I was trying to do.
He stunned me when he answered “You! You!”
With my head hung low I head back to my tent.
My mind is exhausted.  It is totally spent.
The dark pit of loneliness creeps back into my life.
I wish I had company.  My kid, and my wife.



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