Sanctuary and Serenity

Lost Me – Gabbysluck

Posted on: April 3, 2010

Lost Me –  Gabbysluck

You lost me somewhere along the way,

I was so unsure of my proper place.

I questioned every breathe I took

that you thrusted and slimed your way into me.

Evil, selfish souls, lust creating life

and never once gave a thought into

nurturing or cradling your creation.

What will you give?

Will it be enough to suffice me?

Will I survive this torture chamber?

This hell that is the cavity I called a heart once…

“You forgot something, Ma’am,”…

“Excuse me, Sir…

Would you please pick up your little girl at the front desk?”

She’s been waiting for you here for 25 years now,

wringing her hands, reaching for anyone

who will give her two seconds notice,

so alone, unwanted, unsure.

Will anyone ever save her, or will she save herself?

You’d think after 25 years, she’d just be working at the store…

But She doesn’t…

She sits and waits with her hands in her lap…

“I wanna go home..



I wanna to go home…”


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