Sanctuary and Serenity

Little Girl – Merrymax

Posted on: April 3, 2010

A little girl with candy and comic books
Who will not meet anyone’s eye
She won’t brush her hair or care how she looks
Adults say she is painfully shy

Don’t you want to be pretty? they heatedly ask
She shakes her head and looks away
Don’t they understand that her consuming task
Is to keep her abusers at bay?

She tunes them out, ignoring them all
The doctor says “Her hearing is fine”
Her mother is angry at this internal wall
A chill rushes up the girl’s spine

A psychiatrist next, What’s wrong with this girl?
“Your child is unable to learn.
She’ll remain in her own little world
And need help at life’s every turn.”

But each sees the child in their own kind
And not past the blank look on her face
She’s building a fortress that protects her mind
And leaves her one last quiet place
~By Merrymax.


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