Sanctuary and Serenity

Friendship – Dntd Knight

Posted on: April 3, 2010

Probing your heart, is what I do best.
Each and every time you pass the test.
Sometimes you laugh.  Sometimes you cry.
At times like this, you know I’ll be by.
I ensnare you in my warm, warm arms.
You know full well, I mean no harm.
And once, you’re in my very firm grasp.
It seems like time will never elapse.
I am what causes the joy, the laughter.
I serve it all on a never-ending platter.
And as you savor devour and relish this savory treat.
There’s no way in the world.  You’ll ever know defeat.
So sit back, relax, and enjoy what I offer.
For I do it so willingly.  I want not a copper.
Materialistic things, I want not a part.
All that matters, is what’s in the heart.
Dreadfully, so dreadfully, when you do pass away.
I’ll still be with you; I’m here to stay.
It’ll be like a never-ending courtship.
You know who I am.  For I am FRIENDSHIP.

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