Sanctuary and Serenity

Deep Down Inside – Serenity

Posted on: April 3, 2010

Deep Down Inside.

Deep Down inside me, The hurt is so raw,
So I’ll sit upon it, ‘Til I feel no more.
I know that you love me, For better, for worse,
I know that you love me, This too, is my curse.
Tell me you hate me, And tell me goodbye,
Please make me hate you, Please make me cry.
So much to teach you, And so much to learn,
But I cannot do it, I’m too tired, too burnt.
I know how you love me, And how I love you,
I know how you need me, Because I need too.
My heart is so angry, To lose you again,
I miss you, I’m dying, I cannot pretend.
You led me, you showed me, Just how it could be,
But you don’t understand, You may never see.
The fine line between, Concern and control,
This small thing defines, What could make it more whole.
The anger you smother, Swells out from below,
It scares me so badly, These memories I hold.
Deep in my soul, Memories I have hidden,
A glimpse of your madness, They resurface, unbidden.

~April 11, 2001.~

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