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Cry For a Loss – Gabbysluck

Posted on: April 3, 2010

Cry for a loss


My flooded eyes spill over, glazing my soft cheeks with heat.

I shudder, shoulders shaking, from the personal threat of suffering.

What is my fear, my heaving chest, my burning soul tormented?

I didn’t know how letting you go would affect me now,

and ever after, now I do.. torture.

Not so easy to discard, like a paper cup crumpling and

slung into the waste basket.

But I did not waste my love for you,

YOU made me. Did you waste your time?

You run from my truth, the burning questions that reveal

your true self, your shame, your lies, your uncaring conscience.

The mother who couldn’t love…

The daughter who always tried to be good enough…

The father who couldn’t comprehend the situation…

I cry for my Loss now, the tears slip down,

wishing  memories could depart identically,

If there was a pore ,gland,artery, or vein

from which they could flow, I would surely tap it,

and drain myself of the pain.

My shame was and is you and I feel like an orphan, because the mother I needed is dead now, she was never alive.

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