Sanctuary and Serenity

A Place – Dntd Knight

Posted on: April 3, 2010

I am a place where secrets; she keeps.
I am a thing that when broken; she weeps.
I am as brittle as butterfly wings.
I get joyful at times, so happy; she sings.
I have a strong wall to keep strangers and enemies away.
But if you treat Her right, I will show you the way.
I am a place with wants, passions, dreams, and desire.
Show her the love she craves; that’s all I require.
If you respect her, love her, hold her, and wipe away her tears.
This will calm her, protect her, and take away all her fears.
It takes a lot to fill her every need.
She’s worth it! My advice  take heed!
When all of these things and more you have done….
Then the prize: Her Love you have won.
Treat her right, and I will be sure to do my part.
For after all………………. I AM A WOMAN’S HEART.
To all of you woman in this site,

From Dntd Knight.


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