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the Maiden & the Dragon’s Heart – Kelly Krogman

Posted on: April 2, 2010

the Maiden
& the

On a wintry mountain peak, snow-laden clouds scudding across leaden skies, lived a Dragon. The Dragon preferred to dwell among the children of the Goddess but now remained distant and unreachable. Many times and in many forms, those who sought the extinction of all Dragons had all but extinguished the Dragon’s noble inner light. Endless battles and endless tears left the Dragon aching and miserable so the Dragon had retreated to these frigid heights. The Dragon gazed upon it’s surroundings, ruby eyes smoldering in the frozen darkness. It saw much and understood that the fortress it had chosen as haven had become a prison. Dragons were meant to fly amongst the stars, the Dragon considered, not condemn themselves to bitter eternal night. The Dragon was weary and very much aware that little had changed since it’s self-imposed banishment but it knew instinctively that to remain amidst such painful vibrations would be it’s demise. Tortured roars of anguish and frustration shattered the crystal alpine air, sending splintered shards of rock tumbling into bottomless chasms. Deep in the forests below, where warmth and light joined in a splendid harmony of lush greenery, a Maiden looked sharply up from her task. She had been weaving wishes and rainbows together and sending them forth to heal those whom the Goddess directed were in need. The Maiden paused, wondering what soul could cry aloud with such fearsome pain and sadness. The Dragon roared again, trapped in a darkness deeper than the furthest reaches of the frozen caverns.Hearing this, the Maiden’s hands flew to her breast and clutched there. The pain she heard flickered across her heart with icy splinters and she gasped in realization. To the pure of spirit, a Dragon’s roar was unmistakable, but this was a sound like no other. A single tear wound down her cheek, tracing the silken contours in agonizingly slow trails. Casting her glistening eyes to a moon set in a sky rich with the possibility of countless firepoints, she whispered a prayer to the Goddess:Goddess above, hear my plea?
Set the tortured Dragon free.
Heal the wounds found deep within,
Touch the spirit, touched by kin.

As she breathed the last words, a silver tear fell upon her work, forgotten in her lap. The Goddess smiled, for a powerful mystery was revealed. A Dragon’s truth is eternal but even Dragons can forget that for the pure of spirit, no prison can contain the light of love. Shedding molten fairiefire, a Rainbow arose from her lap and flickered into the heights. With a sigh, the Maiden knew at once her prayer had been answered. Dark eyes filled with new tears; those of joy! She thanked the Goddess with all her heart.

Far away, the Dragon looked up. A blazing ember streaked across the heavens and burst into the Dragon’s wintry lair. Flooding the cavern with radiance, a Rainbow born of faith entered the Dragon and found the last remaining hope within. Meeting this, the Dragon was freed at once! Spreading mighty wings, it leapt into the frosty mountain heights and sped outwards, away! With each beat of it’s wings, the Dragon grew closer to the one soul who remembered ancient truths. Each beat of it’s wings was met with the resounding rhythm of a heart renewed.

The Goddess smiled, for all was well and her children had grown in her sight.

~RainbowPhoenix – 2002~


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Hey! Lookie here! This was actually the link I wanted sent from the BB, lol. No worries, now I found it!

OH! ha ha.. sorry, I thought you meant that galaxy thing 🙂

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