Sanctuary and Serenity

This Knight – Serenity

Posted on: March 29, 2010

From whence did this Knight come,
This Knight who has stolen
Her time, her thoughts, her heart?
This warrior and poet
Turned her blood molten.

So swiftly and surely
He has entered her realm
Unexpected and glorious,
Charging dragons and man alike
His wrath and fury, the makings of dreams.

How did he know her
Among so many millions
Knowing her inner soul
While others don’t see
Not even a glimpse.

A kindred soul, this Knight, he is
Who believes as she does inside
In times long ago and lives long lost
In honor, trust and the might of the sword
In fighting the good fight.

Together they banish the dark
They battle the dragons
And slay the enemy threefold
Back to back they stand
Stronger than any may reckon.

One look in his smiling eyes
And all resistance is lost
But lost is where it wants to be
Lost is the choice she would make
No matter the cost.

Slaying all dragons, cold steel in hand
To conquer and banish all that is wrong
Blistering winds and howling rains
Nothing can stop them
As one they do stand.

Then to the pool they will walk
To lose themselves in each other
To find their love in the passion
The passion that only true love
Can bring forth with such power.


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