Sanctuary and Serenity

Guilty – Serenity

Posted on: March 29, 2010

I too, am guilty
Ashamed I sit, head in hands
I search my soul
To no avail, it’s an empty hole
M’Lord is forelorn.

Still he fails
To understand
The depth of concern and care he deserves
Grown deeper each day
Fed from the wellspring
Of my respect.

Your strength
Astounds me
As together we battle
Together we slay
The dragons that would inhabit our realm.

Yet in the heat of war
This aft
My hurried mind infused
With impeding victory
I lost my way.

I failed you M’Lord
Failed to deliver
My hearts red blood
To your feet
As I should.

Your battle skills
Set fire to my lost soul
And when enveloped in darkness
Your ferocious purity
Inspire and light my way.

Your skill
As you stand fast before adversity
Screaming your vengeance
Beg all who know you or of you
To stand by you, fast with you.

I beg forgiveness on bended knee
Know you this, fine Sir
My heart, soul and sword
Always yours
As together we slay all evil side by each.


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