Sanctuary and Serenity

Tools – Breathe Deeply.

Posted on: March 27, 2010

One of the things we do automatically (and take for granted) is breathe.  Think what would happen if we stopped.  Now think about breathing deeply.  Most of us breathe very shallowly, forgetting that our whole body needs to take in air.
This deep-breathing technique is a literal lifesaver.  There are three parts to it.  First, fill up your belly with a big breath and push out your navel.  Now, still holding your breath, breathe into your mid-section, and then up into your chest.  Hold your breath as long as you can, remembering to drop your shoulders in the process.  Now gradually exhale and reverse the order – begin with the chest then exhale down and out through the belly.  Repeat five times.
If done on a regular basis, this breathing exercise triggers an instant relaxation response.  It also gives us a greater ability to enjoy life.  It is a lifesaver when you are in a panic or are about to have an anger attack.  I highly recommend it!

~Angela Jackson, Celebrating Anger.


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