Sanctuary and Serenity

The Night – Serenity’s Daughter

Posted on: March 27, 2010

The Night.

The night of the incident was a dark and chilly night; the wind blew violently through
The streets of the city, And the mindless crowds walked along the busy main street.
There was one boy however who did not walk with the other people, he saw
More than the oblivious people would ever see, he saw a great depression brush through
His unsuspecting misery, his pain, his creativity at an end.  As he stared open eyed at the people
He began to cry, his tears were cold against his hot cheeks, the cold wind still violently blew but he no
longer felt the pain of the moment, the rush of cold air on his face, he no longer felt anything for he was gone.
The flame of his soul was slowly diminishing, and then the tears stopped, just like that his blood
Ran freely from his veins out onto the table then dripping onto the cold linoleum, and then his
Head tilted as the thoughts  returned along with the pain and his head went down into the palms of
his outstretched hands, with a jerk of his arm, his open hand rushed up to greet his mouth
With presents, twenty round small and dangerous pellets, the wind blew, despite of the cold the boy
Went to the window and opened it shakily, almost as though he was scared of what might be on the other side of the glass.
It was then that the dizziness hit him, the almost blinding pressure and then the throbbing pain enveloping his skull.
The ear-piercing shriek that followed the pain was what awakened the girl, the girl however young
woke from a deep slumber and started shaking she was now aware of the picture that was forming inside her mind, it was him, the boy.
She ran almost blindly in the night tearing past the throngs of citizens who had no idea of the goings on in her comlex little mind.  Then just as suddenly as she had begun, the running stopped,
the pain stopped, the panic, the anger, the fear, and in its place a new feeling, a pain struck the girl.  A pain worse than she had ever before felt.  She let out a strangled cry and then the rain came pouring through her, drenching her soul from head to toe.
she raised her head to the starlit skies and fell to her knees, a broken soul.
She was too late, the pain and suffering was over for him, but for the girl the pain was just beginning.
~Written by Serenity’s Daughter~


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