Sanctuary and Serenity

Skye – Serenity

Posted on: March 27, 2010


Skibblybits and jibbles,
Sticklegs and lizard.
You were noisy and nosey.
Pushy and intrusive.

You insisted on sleeping under my covers
For exactly ten minutes.
Then you insisted on jumping down
Taking my covers with you, under the bed.

You knew if you did your business
Two treats would be yours.
And if you were quick enough,
The cat’s treats got gorfed.

When I cried you licked my face,
When I laughed you licked my face.
Your cold little nose was always
Touching some warm place.

Those big brown eyes
You used to provoke
More lovin and sugar
More smiles from more folk.

You could sit at each sidewalk,
And chase chippies galore,
But at the last, when rule time came,
You remembered no more.
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