Sanctuary and Serenity

Instant Intervention Activities.

Posted on: March 27, 2010

Sing loudly when you’re alone.

Take singing lessons: opera, jazz, or blues – anything where you have to let out your voice.

Register in a martial arts class.

Express your feelings, especially the angry ones with which you don’t feel comfortable.

Do the exercises listed under Anger Tools…

Buy some crayons and paper.  Choose the colour that represents anger to you and let go on paper.

By using some form of instant intervention, you begin to process your anger, so it doesn’t stay trapped inside your body where it can hurt you.  Don’t think that because you don’t feel anger you don’t have it.  I assure you this is not the case.  We all do.  If you have hidden your feelings from yourself, perhaps because it hasn’t felt safe to express them; it doesn’t mean you don’t have them.
Tell your subconscious mind that it’s okay to let your feelings out, that they won’t kill or maim you or anyone else.
Do just one anger-acknowledging exercise today, and notice how good you feel.  Keep track of this in a journal.  Use the anger activities as an ongoing anger workbook.  Make sure you chart your progress.  Remember, anger is a human emotion – one we all share.
If you can’t feel your anger for the moment, that’s fine.  Just acknowledge that you have it somewhere.  Maybe it’s lodged in your elbow or your knee – the one that always hurts.  Think of your aches and pains.  Do you have a pain in your shoulder?  Do you feel this pain in particular moments or with certain people?  Are there people in your life that “give you a pain in the neck?”


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