Sanctuary and Serenity

I Have a Right to Tell.

Posted on: March 27, 2010

I Have a Right to Tell.

When I was abused I learned that it was not OK and that, if I told anyone, I would be not OK either.  I may have been threatened by my abuser(s) about the consequences of telling what happened.
Maybe no one helped me when I was abused.  Or maybe I did try to tell, but got either ignored or not believed.  I may have come to believe, as a child, that telling someone or asking for help was very useless and that not being believed and protected was normal.
I know I had a right as a child to tell what happened.  I had a right to be protected from further abuse, and I had a right to receive love and care after the abuse happened.  I will tell now, at my own pace, and I will listen to my voice within.


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