Sanctuary and Serenity

I Am Courageous!

Posted on: March 27, 2010

I Am Courageous!
Whenever I have doubted my courage, I need only recall that I am alive.  To have survived those atrocious and sometimes violent abuses, inflicted on me as a child, I needed and had tremendous amounts of courage.
I may not always be able to see my own courage, but others remind me of it – others, to whom it is so clear.  I can let people I trust mirror times they have seen me acting courageously – and start to believe in myself.
I went through some extremely painful times in my life, when I thought that I would never emerge again, into the light.  It was during those times that I was most courageous.  Perhaps the most courageous act of all is to feel that intense loneliness, fear, and pain, and still go on.

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