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Posted on: March 27, 2010

“In July, 1999, I appeared as a guest expert on “Oprah” to discuss “The Disease to Please.” Oprah told her audience that this “disease” – the people-pleasing syndrome – is an issue that is very important and personal to her. It is a problem that she has struggled long and hard to overcome. And, she believes as I do, that there are epidemic numbers of women – and men, too – plagued by the self-imposed pressure to please others at the expense of their own health and happiness.”
Our tribute to the late Harriet B. Braiker, Ph.D. Author of The Disease to Please, Curing the People-Pleasing Syndrome

Emotional Detachment – Mentions Borderline Personality Disorder


The Dark Twin inside ourselves by Lynne Forrest
The Shadow Self (Reiki site)

Breaking Free of Emotional Bondage

Are you in a Toxic Relationship – With Yourself?

Facing the Enemies Within by Jim Rohn

Lessons about Emotional Detachment

Emotional Detachment

Emotional Detaching (from an abusive relationship) – The Tears and Healing sites:

Personal Responsibility

Why Do People Chose One Bad Relationship After Another?

Co-dependency – a Checklist format

Co-dependency Healing, Inner-child Healing and Recovery
Co-dependents Anonymous
Abusive Co-dependency

Emotional Abuse site Robert Burney: Co-dependency/Inner child

A checklist – Are You Co-dependent? Taking Care of Yourself

The Cause of Self Defeating Behavior

Understanding and Changing Self Defeating Beliefs

Co-Dependent & Dependent Personality Disorders

Addictive Relationships
Addictive Relationships and
Addictive Relationships Discussion Forum
Personal Responsibility – Ending Co-dependence

Characteristics of Addictive Relationships

Developing Self-Control

The Joy of Self Discipline
Self Discipline

Addictive Relationships – Addressing the fear of being alone’t Call that Man!!

Addicted to Love?

Recovering From Addictive Relationships

Tempted to Call your N/P? Here’s help to overcome those strong feelings

Crash Course on AVRT – Highly recommended (See Bullets for my Beast at end of page)
Secrets of Change


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