Sanctuary and Serenity


Posted on: March 26, 2010

Many times in my life I have ignored or discounted the messages my inner-child has attempted to send me.  She can be very correct in her idea of what is safe or healthy for me – if I will listen to her.  A queasy, tense feeling in my stomach or a persistent alertness can help me to know when I am in with an unsafe person or in an unsafe situation.  Her feelings can be trusted.
I probably spent my life ignoring these messages so I could survive.  I tried to “dig into my head” to try and figure it all out.  I may have figured that I was crazy, the one to blame, at fault, or plain wrong – but inside, I “felt” differently.  This feeling was my inner-child attempting to tell me the truth.
When I find myself defending my feelings I can be pretty sure that I am ignoring my inner-child and reverting back to an old survivor tactic – rationalization.  This is when I should stop, breathe very deeply, and practice getting in touch with my inner-child’s messages for me.  I can eventually learn to trust her and won’t have to intellectualize to hide my feelings.  I can simply start to trust my feelings and, therefore, myself.

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