Sanctuary and Serenity

Trust My Memories.

Posted on: March 26, 2010

Trust My Memories.
Memories seem to lie somewhere between day-to-day reality and our nighttime dreamworld.  Memories are sometimes ephemeral and tend to leave a large margin for question-ability.  As I start to have memories about my sexual abuse, it will be normal for me to wonder if they are emanating from my nighttime dreamworld or from an actual occurrence in my life.  I may even question them by noting my “vivid imagination.”
It is normal for our memories to feel unstable and questionable.  After all, many of them were mixed in with our nighttime dreamworld if we were sexually abused in our beds at night.
As I learn to trust my memories as data that I need for my healing, they will seem less like my enemies.  No matter from where the memory emanates, it is mine and it has a message for me.
I probably have been told that many things that I said or heard as a child were not real.  I may even have been told that I was crazy or must have “imagined” those events.
I take back the power of my own mind by respecting the data it is providing for me through my memories.  My memories do not have to be logical or “make sense”.  My memories are my friends and will lead me down the path of healing and wellness.

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