Sanctuary and Serenity

Tools – Woodchopping

Posted on: March 26, 2010

Woodchopping is what many people used to do before they moved to the city.  It’s a “breathe, raise the arms, and let go” process, and it’s a great way of getting rid of body tensions.
Stand with your legs slightly bent, feet about a foot apart.  Ensure that there is nothing you will bump into four feet in front of you.  Clasp your hands in front of you.  Hold them tightly together, as if you were holding an axe between your hands.  Raise your arms forward and inhale a deep breath as you do it.  Immediately exhale and lower your arms between your bent knees.  Exhale with a strong “hah” sound, making sure you get the energy right out of your body.  Do this at least three times in a row – more if you need it.
The woodchopper is an excellent release.  It instantly discharges anger energy and any other tension we may be carrying, and it revitalizes us at the same time.  However, you need to be a little circumspect about where you do the woodchopper.  It is not quite a main street even.

~Angela Jackson, Celebrating Anger.


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