Sanctuary and Serenity

Tools – Instant Slogans.

Posted on: March 26, 2010

  • Easy does it.

This is a reminder to simply take it easy, with you and everyone else too.  Breathe, relax, do whatever you need to do.  Be gentle with yourself in the process.  Don’t complicate anything.  Take it easy.

  • One day at a time.

This is important for those who have little patience and feel everything has to be solved instantly.  We can only live life a day at a time.  There is more time to come.  There is enough time if we live in the moment.  Do what you can do today.  Do your very best and let go of tomorrow.

  • Live and let live.

The emphasis here is on the first “live”.  Live your own life to the fullest and let others live theirs according to their needs.  Here’s a little story about “live and let live.”  A young man went camping in the desert.  He found a beautiful spot replete with water and set up his tent for the night.  Not long after he was settled, he heard some noise and noticed that he was camped beside a group of whirling dervishes.  He became very upset.  He paced.  He swore.  Then he noticed an old man sitting in front of his tent reading.  Fuming, the young man marched over to the old man and started complaining about the dervishes.  The old man nodded his head in apparent understanding.  “Well, how can you stand this noise?  What do you do about it?”  the young man asked.  “I just let them whirl,” was the old man’s response.

  • Let go and let God.

This is the most important slogan of all.  If you hold onto your less desirable feelings, your desires, your wants, and your wishes.  God can’t enter you or work through you.  If you do things the same old way you’ve always done them, then you’ll have the same old results.  Letting go is going with the flow.  It’s taking it easy, staying in the moment, and doing what you need to do next.  Letting go means surrender.  It means realizing that you don’t have all of the answers, and that you are not the master.  Letting go is like exhaling:  it allows you to take in a fresh new breath.

Letting go is trusting that you will be looked after.  Trust is a big issue for many of us, so letting go can be threatening.  If you begin with your breath – just letting go of tension – you will feel a release in your body.  Nothing will ever change if we hold on.  Even though it’s tough to do, letting go causes miracles to happen.  Let go of all of it:  held regrets, resentments, anger, the lot.  Let go and live the difference!

  • KISS – Keep it Simple, Sweetheart.

Ah yes, if only we could remember to keep it simple in the midst of our internal storms.  Well, we can!  The choice is ours.  That’s why I keep insisting that you return to your breathing.  Deep breathing is nature’s healing balm:  it stills the body and the mind.  So breathe and keep the rest simple.

We often make mountains out of molehills.  We forget to ask ourselves, “How important is this?  Will I remember it in a year?”  We place such lofty importance on our ideas and our own feelings.  We let our ego dominate us and we run amok.  So keep it simple, sweetheart.  Breathe.  Ask for help.  Stay in the moment.  And let the rest go.

  • The Serenity Prayer.

I use this whenever I remember.  Like a chant, I repeat it to myself when I am in danger of losing my temper, which in my case is frequently.  I say it to myself when I’m standing in front of my husband, wanting to scream at him and slam the door in his face.  I say it until it works, until it penetrates my rage, until it seeps through my consciousness.  I say it until I remember that it’s me I have to change.

Then I work with my breathing.  I do the three-second scream.  And usually I’m centred again.  If I do not become centred.  I combine the other anger tools and use some slogans.  I keep working on myself until I really am sane because for me losing my temper is temporary insanity, and I’ve had more than my share of that.  I truly don’t want to pay the price anymore.

~Angela Jackson, Celebrating Anger.

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