Sanctuary and Serenity

The Right to Grieve.

Posted on: March 26, 2010

The Right to Grieve.
When I was abused, I felt a deep sense of loss – of power, of control, of dignity, and even a loss of self.  In order to survive all of these losses, I created a place in my mind for these memories.  They remained there until I was ready to remember and deal with them.  My mind and body have a wonderful sense of timing and will not betray me.
I know that in order to fully heal from these losses caused by the abuser and abuse, I must start, little by little, to have my true feelings about the memories.  I have felt the denial for years.  Grieving is a natural process for moving through these feelings.  At my own unique pace, I will start to safely feel the anger, the bargaining, then the intense pain and sadness, and finally, the acceptance and resolution.  This is the process.
My personal grieving will take as long as I require it to take and I have a right to all the time I need.


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