Sanctuary and Serenity

Nonsexual Relationships.

Posted on: March 26, 2010

Nonsexual Relationships.
As a survivor of abuse, it may be hard for me to trust that my relationships with other people can be nonsexual.  I may still hang on to my child’s belief that in the end, people are only attracted to me for sexual reasons.
I can affirm my right to have nonsexual, nurturing, healthy relationships with people of both sexes by taking small risks with those people I trust.  I can look after myself by being very clear with others about my needs and my boundaries.  I can ask them to honor and respect my needs and parameters and try to trust that they are telling the truth.
There may be great pain and grief about never having this nonsexual nurturing as a child.  I can be patient and supportive with myself as I start to experience this new kind of healthy, clean, clear, and safe relationship.


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