Sanctuary and Serenity

I Was Born Precious.

Posted on: March 26, 2010

I Was Born Precious.
I am beginning to notice the un-debatable preciousness of babies.  When I see a baby, I see they are precious and worth-ful, and that our Higher Power has granted this to each soul born into this world.
When I look at a baby and I realize that I, too, was once that young, I can finally believe that I was born precious and worth-ful.
I may feel deep pain as I realize this, and this pain is part of the grieving that I need to do for my inner-child.  My preciousness and self-worth may not have been evident, or may have been stripped from my consciousness a little each time I was abused.
If I imagine myself as a precious and worth-ful newborn I can slowly and gently bring these qualities to my adult-being.  These inherent qualities were never lost to me.  They were buried beneath layers of shame and guilt – the shame and guilt of my abuser.


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