Sanctuary and Serenity

I Have a Right to Be Heard.

Posted on: March 26, 2010

I Have a Right to Be Heard.
Because of my abuse, I quickly learned that I had no rights, especially any concerning being heard or recognized.  As a small child I needed to be heard by my caregivers and I although I tried, sometimes quite creatively to somehow get their attention, I may have sacrificed my own safety in an attempt to be heard. Those appeals fell on deaf ears.  I might have decided that I did not deserve to have my words, wishes, requests honored, and even carried this belief into my adult relationships – with myself and others.
I know that I had every right to have my simple requests heard and honored – even if it meant being told no.  I know that I did deserve to be recognized and heard simply because I existed.
I can affirm my inner-child’s need to have her requests heard by giving them voice through my adult-self.  I can tell other people what I need and know that those requests deserve to be honored.  If those people choose not to hear or honor my requests, I know that this is their choice and it has nothing to do with my inherent worth or rights.


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